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Aug 30 '14


So I’ve been busy all afternoon doing this beauty here. It’s huge as you can see from the last picture and it was based off this pixel fanart by annerisu. It’s made with fuse beads and I’ll upload better pics as soon as I am able to take them. 

Sherlock comes next! :D

this is wild!!! holy moly i’m flattered you’d spend so much time on this. i’m really impressed haha, good luck on sherlock!

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Aug 18 '14

Send Me Your Birthday!



  • January - do you rather warm or cold weather?
  • February - give one fact/detail about your crush
  • March - favorite color?
  • April - what religion are you?
  • May - what is your eye color and hair color?
  • June - what is the best thing you’ve ever experienced?
  • July - what do your summers usually consist of?
  • August - what is the worst thing you’ve ever experienced?
  • September - would you rather be inside or outside?
  • October - what is your favorite movie?
  • November - what is your favorite food?
  • December - what do you want for christmas?


  • 01 - what type of computer do you have?
  • 02 - favorite web site?
  • 03 - who would you consider your best friend on tumblr?
  • 04 - do you play a musical instrument?
  • 05 - do you want to play a musical instrument or another musical instrument?
  • 06 - share one time that you let someone down
  • 07 - favorite overall thing (can be anything)?
  • 08 - bottled water or tap water?
  • 09 - post your desktop background
  • 10 - favorite blog on tumblr?
  • 11 - what is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
  • 12 - what is one word that you love?
  • 13 - favorite subject in school?
  • 14 - what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • 15 - what time does your alarm clock go off?
  • 16 - would you rather be anorexic or obese?
  • 17 - what is your morning routine?
  • 18 - sexual orientation?
  • 19 - what do you look for in a significant other?
  • 20 - what is the most expensive thing you own?
  • 21 - why did you choose your url?
  • 22 - what url would you like the most?
  • 23 - what is your favorite app?
  • 24 - favorite number?
  • 25 - what is your favorite childhood memory?
  • 26 - what is you most successful post?
  • 27 - do you like or reblog things more often?
  • 28 - do you think mcr will come back?
  • 29 - what is one food that you despise?
  • 30 - mouse or trackpad?
  • 31 - can i talk to you about jesus christ our lord and savior?
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Aug 17 '14




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Aug 16 '14

i just bought over $50 of japanese sweets with lomiej

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Aug 2 '14
Kavinsky - Nightcall (Nightcall)


Kavinsky- Drive

Opening credits song for Drive (2011)

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Jul 27 '14


so you’ve probably seen a lot of re-draw pictures floating around and I love, love, love the idea of them. it really helps me understand sort of how my art evolves over time and what things i can learn from my baby 11 year old self. also pretty cool seeing the same image drawn so completely different over time, i just think its so interesting how our art changes so dramatically.

process painting video for the last image is here! which i’ll upload on tumblr also!

thanks everyone for sticking with me all these years 

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Jul 23 '14


A lot of people have messaged me about the 30 Day Challenge list. I hadn’t realized the link on my old post was down, so I’m reposting it now, as well as letting you all know for the next 8 weeks I’ll be posting every Monday with animated illustrations. Hopefully I can brighten up your otherwise dry work week Monday!

UPDATE: Sorry I fixed the list. There was bunch of dummy text in there. It’s all good now

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Jul 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

what are your kinks?

nnhhHH i have people i respect who follow this blog…

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Jul 23 '14

hey tmi tuesday, maybe send me asks about stuff if you want. also look at this really cute ornament i received as a souvenir: 

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Jul 22 '14


saw a cute little mushroom boutique in montreal and thought of phyte!

oh my gosh, that is incredibly cute! I want to goooooooo



saw a cute little mushroom boutique in montreal and thought of phyte!

oh my gosh, that is incredibly cute! I want to goooooooo

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